EA Revealed Trailer, what will Madden 21 look like?
EA Revealed Trailer, what will Madden 21 look like?

Although we already know that Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson will become the cover athlete of Madden NFL 21 from it own statement, EA Sports never made any public interpretation of this, when it was considered a rumor and no longer trusted until the first trailer of Madden 21 was released, Jackson clearly appeared on its cover.

On Tuesday, EA Sports announced on the Madden website, NFL MVP Lamar Jackson dazzles on the new Madden NFL 21 cover with style and swag uniquely his own. This is undoubted that Lamar's appearance will change the entire game, and it will also become the biggest surprise of the entire Madden 21, and the most valuable player.

Moreover, EA also revealed the trailer at the same time, allowing fans to have a look at substantive things of Madden 21, especially the four main title cards, which would the main features of this season.

EA has not explained too much about the trailer, but it promised that it will make huge improvements in gaming mechanics and appearance of Madden 21, we can't see all the content until the official version is released.

Apart from that, Sony also provides a free update from PlayStation 4 to PS5 of Madden, following Xbox Series, allowing players to upgrade for free from PS 4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X at any time before Madden 22 release to enjoy an unprecedented experience.

Based on tradition, the trailer that was supposed to be released on June 1 was delayed by half a month due to the coronavirus and racial injustice protests, but fortunately enough, the release of Madden 21 will not be affected too much, it is set to launch on August 25 on PS 4, PC and Xbox One, coming to PS5, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia later this year.

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