EA Delayed Madden NFL 21 Announcing On June 1, As It Is Bigger Than a Game To Resist Prejudice
EA Delayed Madden NFL 21 Announcing On June 1, As It Is Bigger Than a Game To Resist Prejudice

It is a pity to inform everyone that EA delayed Madden NFL 21 announcing on June 1 due to some force majeure factors. Recently, riots in the US capital Washington and its surrounding cities have directly the safety and economy of local residents. Also, the US has also started a curfew on the evening from May 31, requiring citizens to stop activities after 11 PM to 6 AM the next day.

Prior to this, EA revealed to announce Madden NFL 21 release details on June 1, but now it has to be delayed to an uncertain date. Sony also plans to hold a PlayStation 5 reveal event scheduled for June, but now we still don't know if it will be delayed.

So far, the unrest has continued in Minneapolis and the other U.S. cities for six days and will continue, which has seriously affected the normal lives of citizens even someone lost their lives. This is not a very peaceful time when the protests and COVID-19 sweeping the world are coming at the same time. Obviously, which of both is bigger and more important than a Madden game.

The protests originated from when the Minneapolis who died after police office Derek Chauvin kneeled on his heck for over eight minutes, in this regard, EA also issued a public statement, "We stand with our African American/ Black community of friends, players colleagues and partners." while its ultimate goal is to use protect to drive change against the unjust treatment and systemic bias throughout the nation and the world. So now, it needs to unit and commits to change.

And later, EA will find the right time to discuss football with fans.

Madden NFL 21 may be set to launch in August based on a stable social situation, and the in-game virtual currency in the game will once again become the focus of competition among players.

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