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  • FUT Coins Guide - How to get your Backup Codes?

    FUT Coins Guide - How to get your Backup Codes?

    Sep 28, 2022

    1. Go to

    2. Click "Security"

    3. Click "View" backup codes

    4. Click "Create New Codes" and copy two of black codes(gray codes are invalid and black codes are right) into the fields

  • The Importance of Skill Points at Madden 23

    The Importance of Skill Points at Madden 23

    Sep 17, 2022

    Not only can Skill Points be used to level up players and their own skill sets, they are also the key to Madden 23 Franchise's path to the Lombardi Trophy. So, Skill Points play a vital role in Madden 23.

    In Madden 23, building a great football franchise and developing team talent is inseparable from the support of Skill Points. Madden Franchise is updated every few years, and the content of the update is mainly to change the way players upgrade the game characters in Franchise Mode. Team owners now don't need to go through repeated training and character selection to improve their personal skills, but rather by overseeing the decisions they make and in-game statistics.

    Since Skill Points can be used to start a fantasy draft or build a favorite team in Madden 23, players will first need to earn Experience Points from multiple sources in order to gain more disposable Skill Points. The amount of experience points is determined by the player's overall rating, so players with higher ratings can get more Experience Points, on the contrary, players with lower ratings will get less Experience Points.

    Although Madden 23 has added a new method of acquiring Skill Points compared to the previous version, new players still need to know the method of acquiring Skill Points in the previous version, so as to combine the methods of the two versions together. In the new version, players can get the first option for customizing and optimizing the number of Skill Points from the weekly strategy section. The weekly strategy section is also updated with a new feature called the Player Health & Reps menu. For example, if a team uses not a starter but one of the fastest linebackers on the team in Madden 23, the more reps that player is assigned, the more potential he can reach. The trainer can randomly set the exercise intensity to full pads or half pads. Full pads can increase a player's XP gain, but also bring the negative effects of increased frequency of injuries and slower recovery from fatigue. Reps needs to study each position carefully, and then hand over the position to starters, backups, or a split. All preparations are done to better set up offensive and defensive game plan pages.

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  • FIFA 23: Exciting Updates on FUT Moments

    FIFA 23: Exciting Updates on FUT Moments

    Sep 16, 2022

    The new game mode in FIFA 23 is an absolutely reason for people getting excited, and this of course is FUT moments. Today let's have a look at the updates on it this year, and what kind of new things EA would release in FIFA 23.

    FUT moments are pretty much stories based some player career. So maybe even something that happened over on the weekend in real game, if it was enough to be something spectacular like an amazing free kick, maybe you can see it comebacks just in a few minutes in FIFA 23. You will be able to recreate it as part of content that EA pushes to the game, and you can play set minutes within that moment, it's not a full game and it's more aimed at those that do want to play and progress through Ultimate Team.

    However, you have a very limited amount of time, so you can't go all through the game modes like of Division Rivals, FUT Champion, Squad battles because each of those games will take anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes, and the Highlight for each of them will be a couple minutes long as well. Thus for most of you who can not play it all days, it is important to complete one of the game mode short time challenges first. The reward also makes me excited, it says that EA would put the decent player cards, a good number of FUT 23 Coins and XP in it, I hope it's truth.

    The FUT moment challenges may require you to score a penalty, score a free kick, or maybe you need to end up winning the game within the last 10 minutes. These are very quick short challenges and even though it's not something that I'll probably be grinding, I'm still excited for it. Because there are definitely some moments where I do only have 5 or 10 minutes to play, but it's pointless on me doing anything because I can't deep into game in this way, now with those updates I will still be able to progress by going through FUT moments and be able to get rewards out of it at the end in a very short amount of time.

    As it is a new game mode, I'm sort of expecting EA to really push this by bringing in some very good rewards, so players have an incentive to jump into it right at the beginning. We saw a very similar thing when squad builder challenges were first added back in FIFA 17.

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  • FIFA 23: Things You Should Know before You Buy

    FIFA 23: Things You Should Know before You Buy

    Sep 08, 2022

    Hi folks, today let’s talk about some things you should know before you decide to buy FIFA 23, the updates of FIFA 23 is absolutely exciting, here are some details you should know about it.

    More gameplay improvements as is the case in every new FIFA game, FIFA 23 will make a number of other changes and improvements to its moment-to-moment gameplay. In addition to the aforementioned stuff as well, set pieces for instance have been designed with the point being to give players greater control over corners, free kicks and penalties. A new power shot system has also been introduced, which is a risk reward system for striking more powerful shots. You can also expect better physics, player awareness improvements to skill moves and more.

    World Cup 2022 is a World Cup year, which obviously means you can expect FIFA 23 to tie in with that, this is no ordinary world cup year with the tournament being held in winter instead of summer as it usually. To align with that, EA will release a free post launch update for the game even no certain date of world cup Qatar 2022 has been confirmed yet. EA will not only add the FIFA World Cup, additionally FIFA Australia and New Zealand Women's World Cup 2023 will be added as well.

    Speaking of women's club teams, international women's teams have been featured in FIFA games since FIFA16, and this series is finally taking a significant step forward on that front. This year's game, FIFA 23 will be the first title in the series to include women's club teams as well, with Barclays women's super league joining the game.

    HyperMotion2. With FIFA 22, the big marketing buzzword that EA adopted as the catch-all term, it was using for some of its most significant gameplay improvements was HyperMotion Technology. So it is naturally that in FIFA 23 they're bringing HyperMotion2. what that essentially means is that for this year's game, EA sports has captured twice the amount of data to make for even better and smoother animations. You can experience more dynamic and realistic interactions between players or with the ball, also EA made a new dribbling system. All these stuff improves acceleration mechanics and makes for more fluid on-pitch gameplay in turn.

    If you want to check about the FIFA 23 latest news, could be your best assistant. On the other hand, if you want to buy FUT 23 Coins, our web also provide you a reasonable price and fast delivery serve. So just stay tuned.

  • NBA 2K23: The Updates of Reward System

    NBA 2K23: The Updates of Reward System

    Sep 06, 2022

    With more update news of NBA 2K23 released, one of the most important parts, the reward system seems change a lot as well in Myteam. Today let’s talk about that.

    First thing first is about the MyTeam Limited, personally I do not like really playing MyTeam Limited, and the reason for it is I just see no point. Because even we can see all these prizes we could get, but we can only decide to get one of them. Now in 2K23 each week you get the Championship Ring, and you are able to get that prize, which is so much better than just waiting until the end of the season, to finally get the prize that you want. It means that you get six rewards per season, thus I love it.

    Next it's time for the Draft system, the biggest thing they've added to the Draft is the one thing that I believe EA should already added it in 2K22 last year. If you've run out of tickets for the Draft, you can now buy them with NBA 2K23 MT. I believe it's a big change because it means many more people are going to play the Draft, and I feel like it's going to be a great way to actually rack up quite a lot of rewards.

    The last one let's discuss about the things that I think is very funny, but also very confused and I can't wait to see how EA plays out, the Prize Balls. In the NBA 2K23 blog, it says that each time when you finish one game and no matter you win or not, there will be a new prize ball coming up, and it will get closer to breaking with your game process. After you win, you will have a chance to break this ball and get prize, there's also going to be special events with these balls sometimes. Actually I am so confused, I guess that they're talking about the triple threat balls the metal ones, but how is this going to work? I have no ideas but I feel like it's a really cool addition that could make it really fun anyway.

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  • NBA 2K23: Amazing Updates of Myteam Mode

    NBA 2K23: Amazing Updates of Myteam Mode

    Sep 03, 2022

    Finally we can play with our friends in Myteam in NBA 2K23! this is number one thing I've been asking for forever, because my team is such a solo mode, you're really just playing by yourself the whole time. But now in Triple Threat online CO-OP you'll be able to play with either one or two friends on your team, or you can also play against your friends to get wins and then get rewards as well.

    The next up I found this one a little bit crazy, so you know in Myteam we're always controlling all five players, in 2K23 they're allowing you can just control one single player in Myteam. I thought at first this might suck, but then I actually think it's going to be good, for example when they say you need to get 20 rebounds with a player in a challenge, you can image how suck it is when you can not control one player. But if you in the single player control mode that means you can just complete the challenges so much quicker, that I actually think this will be pretty good. One player controlling will be available for all modes as well, thus it might be really interesting for gameplays to be honest.

    Next up this is something I've been asking for, we've had it in the past but it didn't go too great, but this time I know it will go well, it's the updated Unlimited system. So you know how previously we'd sort of get the wins and then we get our rewards, now it's done by getting season points. When you reach a certain amount of season points, you level up to the next tier, and then you can reach the prestige tiers. I'm guessing this is sort of like the Showdown Tier, but apparently there's even more rewards in this, there's a new vault you can open up after every win once you reach those prestige tiers.

    There's a Leaderboards in Myteam Unlimited, and I love this, I love checking my record, I'm a competitive person and I know so are many others. So I think this would be awesome. On the other hand it says in the blog that if you get into the top 10 of the Leaderboards in that season, you will receive a special icon displayed next to your name to showcase in my team's multiplayer modes. Meanwhile, it says even if you're outside the top 10 you can also earn other special icons when you complete all possible tiers and procedures.

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  • NBA 2K 23: Some Essential Updates You Can Not Miss

    NBA 2K 23: Some Essential Updates You Can Not Miss

    Sep 02, 2022

    Before the NBA 2K 23 will be released in 9th September 2022, there are always some information comes from the test version about the updates this year. So today let’s talk about something significant from the test feedback.

    On ball defense got buffed in NBA 2K 23. the defense in the game is usually pretty suspect, I think from an overall game perspective, this is an area where it did need a little bit of a buff, and on the where they had a little bit of information on the game from their professional test gamers over a week ago, it mentioned something about shading on defense, which I think probably goes hand in hand with this. It's easier to bump players now, and easier to shade one side or the other to try to cut down on some of the zigzag and some of the speed boosting in the game. From everything we've heard about 2K 23 so far which isn't much, it sounds like there was a big focus on trying to cut down on a lot of the cheesy things, and it does sounds almost same as what we've already heard from the pro gamer. It just depends on how true this holds when the game comes out after multiple updates, also after certain players find the new cheesy things in the game, how are things going to change from that point forward.

    Left Stick Dribbling still seems to be somewhat of a problem, still seems to be a little over powerful in the test version. Now this kind of contrasts the previous thing we just talked about, but left stick dribbling has kind of always been a problem. Honestly I don't expect it still be over powerful, just because on ball defense is better and got buffed so that Left Stick Dribbling as a part of it also going to be good. From the players performances in the test, left stick dribbling is still gonna be something that's very over power unless something changes from now until release.

    It's harder to get chased down blocks and normal blocks in the paint now if you're not an elite defender. I don't have a problem with this, because last year you definitely could just block anybody with anybody, it seems like at times it was a little over powerful, I think paint defense as a whole is not very good, but when specifically just talking about the chase down blocks, those are a little out of control. They talked about how it was harder to pull those off in this game, but sports games are always going to try to nerf those things to counter other things they buffed, because they don't want the same thing taking over year after year.

    Overall the changes in NBA 2K 23 is still exciting and have a big advantages comparing the last year. If you want to know more you can go to to check the latest NBA 2K 23 news. Meanwhile, you can buy NBA 2K 23 MT in good price with 24/7 online supports. Come here and buy! More exciting things are waiting for you!

  • NBA 2K23: Whether The Best Sport Game as EA Promised?

    NBA 2K23: Whether The Best Sport Game as EA Promised?

    Aug 31, 2022

    Before the NBA 2K23 released, there are lots of people have already experienced its test version. According to reviews, there are a lot of people indicated that the 2K23 has changed a lot compare to other 2K series in many places, but those changes have controversies as well. So today let us discuss about the latest update and the feedback from the players in test.

    Firstly, lot of people said that Post Scoring seems to be kind of overpowered in the test version, but it is just a test version of the game, it is very close to being finished not completely tweaked and polished yet. Certain things could be changed in a test build or a beta build, and then when the game comes out it can be a lot better balance. But we know with a lot of different sports games, if you've played the early builds that are a month or two away from released, they're usually almost much like that when they released for the most part. Meanwhile Post Scoring still been really good in some of these previous 2K as well, so i don't think this part would not change too much.

    Then multiple people have said that NBA 2K23 feels a lot more realistic now. Every sports game literally says this every year, people always feels more realistic, but when the game drops, it's not always the case sometimes. Usually after a few updates, the game starts to revert back to its old ways. Ronnie2k said in a recent interview that he is really excited for gameplay 2K23, it feels different of the whole system and it's just smoother on next gen. It seems like they've done a lot of what their customers want, and they're trying to make the evolution towards the best game.

    Though people played the 2K23 indicated that it did feel more realistic, but part of that probably is just EA slowing down the game. Many sports games feel great in first month when they don't touch it too much. But couple months later you realize it is not what looks like when you really get the finished product. They have to keep readjusting and then the game stays mostly that way for the remainder of its life, and that's when you truly know what the game is gonna be.

    Besides that, more details are waiting to explored on 9th September. If you want to know more, will always fellow the latest news. On the other hand, if you want to buy NBA 2K23 MT, could also be your best choice. You can find more reasonable price than other websites here, we have the amazing delivery speed and every purchase could be completed less 15 min. Do not wait any more, come to buy!

  • Tips from the Professional Madden 23 Players - Something You Should Know

    Tips from the Professional Madden 23 Players - Something You Should Know

    Aug 24, 2022

    The updates of the Madden 23 bring a totally different game experience to the Madden fans, today I would like to give you some tips or suggestions after I communicate with some masters of Madden 23 what I think those tips are really useful after using.

    Use the right playbook

    First thing is the playbooks are extremely important, and you have to focus on one playbook, one offense and one defense if you really want to start mastering madden 23. Personally what i run is the Baltimore Ravens offense, and I like Kansas City's defense, and there's a couple different players are really good in these two playbooks. If you guys don't know by the way, when you're in offline modes you can customize your playbook so you can go to the NFL tab and then go to playbooks on the main screen, this does not apply to online game modes. You can also customize your playbooks, so if you guys like one play from the Arizona playbook but you usually run like the Falcons, you can put that Arizona play into the Falcons playbook and that goes for defense as well.

    Use more conservative tackles

    use more conservative tackles instead of hitting sticking and missing tackles. What you need to do is hit the X button or A button, especially in the middle of a run. You don't have to go for hit sticks because there's a high possibility that your opponent will break the tackle and you'll just miss the hit stick completely. So when you in the run i recommend using the A button a little bit more.

    QB Sneaks

    It doesn't matter if you guys have Tom Brady or Lamar Jackson at quarterback, QB sneaks is much over-powerful this year, so when we move the ball to the one yard line it is highly recommend you to use QB sneaks in this situation, because it works the majority of the time. If you guys are on the two yard line what i recommend doing is running QB sneak. For most of times, those methods could bring an excellent feedback.

    Use target passing

    For different types of players, you don't have to use it every single play, but if you guys are in a tight situation, use target passing. Let us talk about the settings, when you open the Game Option, choose the Skill- Based Passing, and then set the Passing Type in to Placement&Accuracy, but the Placement is not bad as well. Off the Passing Slowdown because when you online, it is not going to slow down at all, it just works for offline only. The Free-Form Reticle Max Distance is not bad to use near option, in case do not mess the throws, the Free-Form Reticle Speed should also not be to fast. And of course, choose visible on Reticle and Meter Visibility.

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  • NBA 2K23: MyNBA takes fans back to the classics eras

    NBA 2K23: MyNBA takes fans back to the classics eras

    Aug 19, 2022

    NBA 2K23 always surprises us, and as we get closer to the official release date, 2K has revealed more and more details about the game. NBA's Greatest, which was launched in NBA 2K12, brings the well-received historical mode gameplay, and we will relive classic moments in NBA history in NBA 2K23.

    PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S players will be able to choose from four different eras in MyNBA, which are 1983, 1991, 2002 and 2022.

    2K Sports added "Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird," "Michael Jordan," and "Kobe Bryant" eras to MyNBA Eras in the NBA 2K23 Franchise. The scene settings of each period, including uniforms, courts are matched to the era, and players can interact with popular stars in different NBA era backgrounds.

    It is worth mentioning that all versions of NBA 2K23 support the Jordan Challenge mode, in which players can experience 15 classic playable moments and relive Michael Jordan's NBA career.

    NBA 2K23 will officially land on September 8, when players can start a new NBA journey on various platforms and form their own MyTEAM.

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