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NBA 2K21: How To Shoot Free Throws And Score?

In the NBA, scoring with consistency may be one of the most important aspects of the game. Creating obvious scoring opportunities is great, but what happens if other teams want to shut you down? If you get a fouled while shooting, you will head to the foul line to shoot two free throws (or once if you can score at the beginning). This guide will explain how to shot free throws and score in NBA 2K21.If you are fouled during a game and you are already in the motion of shooting, you can make two undisputed shots at the basket from the foul line.Being able to sink free throws consistently in a game is a huge advantage, not only for the team, but also for your stats. If you're ahead in a game by a few points, nailing those last few free throw shots can be the difference between winning and losing.On the player statistics screen, you will notice that there is a dedicated stat bar for free throws. Although it is possible to score free throws with any regularity, and even at the right time, you'll miss a lot more than you hit.If you plan on embarking on the MyPlayer Career then it is essential you put at least a few points into free throws initially. It may not be as flashy as dunking or breaking ankles with a dribble move, but it will win you more games than those two put together.When on the stat screen, use the left stick to navigate to the free throw column and move it up as much as you like (or as much as your NBA 2K21 VC will allow). It probably goes without saying but a higher free throw statistic will translate into you scoring more points from the free-throw line.In a game, once you find yourself standing on the free-throw line, it works very similarly to normal shooting. You can either hold the shot button down until the icon enters the orange bar, then release it, or you hold down the right analog stick and aim the line in the middle of the orange bar. As long as you have the right timing, the ball will enter the basket.If you are interested in more content or guides about NBA 2K21, you can bookmark the news page on GAMEMS so that you will see it in time when we update the news.GAMEMS also offers cheap NBA 2K21 MT and NBA 2K21 VC. You deserve to have a professional supplier with cheap prices and fast delivery.

NBA 2K21: The Easy Way To Boost My Player Core Stats!

The core data of MyPlayer is essential to help players grow their roster in NBA 2K21. Players' data is measured and reflected based on their realization during the actual NBA season. This is why customers line up for the next big NBA title every year. This guide will help gamers build their custom character skills and statistics in NBA 2K21.The core stats are divided into 5 different categories, Speed, Acceleration, Strength, Vertical and Stamina. To increase these, gamers will need to purchase attribute points with VC. The best way for players to unlock VC is through practice and playing games. Not only that, but players can also visit Gatorade Training Facilities once a day. This will give players some training exercises to increase certain attributes with the mini-games. Although, these can only be done once a day in a week. Be sure to check this every day to get some easy stat boosts.Although NBA 2K21 did not completely reinvent the wheel in this series, it does have many improvements in almost every form of its previous entries. The shooting mechanic is tighter and more accurate, the MyCareer mode builds an interesting underdog story, and the meta continues to evolve keeping players invested in competitive play. Although this game will be outdated immediately when the next title is released in 2021, it is still an interesting season for players who want to play it from start to finish.If some players are a little disappointed with it, they can only wait for the follow-up patch of NBA 2K21, hoping that the game will get better and better. GAMEMS will also continue to follow the news of NBA 2K21.By the way, GAMEMS provides cheap NBA 2K21 MT and NBA 2K21 VC. If you need it, you don't need to look for a platform to buy them. GAMEMS will meet all your needs. Because the prices of the products on GAMEMS are generally lower than the market price and the delivery speed is fast, you don't need to wait long.                                

NBA 2K21 Hot Zones: Where To Find Them? How To Get Them?

Trying into shooting in NBA 2K21 is a broader correlation between your player's hot zones and the cold zones. In the past few years, these zones changed according to your playing mode, but this year they are all related, so if you get cold in MyCareer, it will affect your Neighborhood performance.So paying attention to and improving the hot zones of the players on the court, which requires extra energy. What you need to do is not only find your hot zones in NBA 2K21, but you also need to improve them as soon as possible.How to find your hot zones?The fastest way to check hot zones in NBA 2K21 is to check players' stats.In MyCareer, go to menu screen-statistics-my minutes or roster. From there, select your player and press the R3 button. This will provide your players with detailed statistics in all their games played up to that point, including all hot and cold zones. This view is very important. It not only shows your hot and cold zones, but also shows your shooting percentages in those areas.How to reset your hot zones?In NBA 2K21, the game will determine your hot zone and cold zone based on your past 25 games. Before that, you will get the ranking of these zones, but if you want to improve and reset these zones to neutral, you will have to play at least 25 games.The fastest way to get hot zones1. Set match difficulty to "Pro"2. Set quarter length to 5-6 minutes. This is to maximize the number of games you play as you ultimately what to quickly breeze through the 25-day barrier to change through zones3. In "controller settings", go to"Shot Timing" and change this to "real player percentage".Changing to "real player percentage" effectively reduces the ceiling and window for timing your shot, which means that the higher the player attribute, the more likely you are to shoot. You should pay attention to mastering the default shooting time meter, because you need to use it in Neighbourhood.There are a few things to consider, however: if you have a low-ranked attribute in a particular area, forcing shots won't magically lead to gaining a hot zone. You're going to need to grind to get those attributes up regardless. Here are some key things to remember:1. Focus attribute points on shooting areas you want to improve in2. Aim to get mid-range and 3-point shots into the 90 attribute range3. Utilize teammate screens and Shooting badges to maximize off-the-dribble and open shotIf you find this guide helpful to you, don't forget to bookmark the GAMEMS news page.As a professional supplier,GAMEMS provides cheap NBA 2K21 MT and NBA 2K21 VC. We use a safe delivery method to make sure your purchase is safe and smooth.                     

NBA 2K21: The Best Way To Scan Your Face Into NBA 2K21

Scan your face will return in NBA 2K21. In this realistic basketball simulator, gamers can fully enjoy their glory. The NBA 2K21 series has released a game every year since the late 1990s. gamers can choose their favorite teams from the NBA and strategize plays to defeat their opponents. There will be some small changes every year, such as statistics to reflect the performance of players in the real-life NBA, new game modes can be tried out, and another feature is to allow players to enter the game by scanning their faces.In NBA 2K21, people have mixed opinions on face scanning. Sometimes, the game does a great job of matching the player's facial features and putting them into the game, while at other times, many external factors interfere with the player's facial scan.So How To Scan Your Face In NBA 2K21?1. First, you need to download the MyNA2K20 app on IOS/Android. When starting the facial scan, make sure your face is in even lightening from the front with as few shadows as possible. Shadows are the biggest cause of scan failure. It is difficult to keep your eyes open indirect light. If you need to blink, stop moving your head so that the app will not take a picture at that moment.2. Hold the phone at eye level, not too high or too low.3. The phone is about 18 inches away from the face, you don't need to fill the entire screen with your face.4. Slowly turn your head to 45 degrees.5. When you turn your head, look forward, don't keep staring at the phone, if you keep staring at the phone, the scan result will be a disaster.6. When you turn your head, make sure you are not just pointing your chin from side to side. Many people do this because they subconsciously want to stare at the phone.Now, your face can be available in the game to choose from. This is a popular feature that can help players increase game immersion!If you are also interested in this, you can try the above methods, which should help you to some extent. If you are interested in more NBA 2K21 content, don't forget to bookmark the GAMEMS news page.GAMEMS also sells cheap NBA 2K21 MT and NBA 2K21 VC, we have everything you need!