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NBA 2K21 MyTeam: Which Are The Best Player Cards Of Lakers?

With the release of NBA 2K21 next-gen, MyTeam has received criticism and praise. Of course, the most talked about is the player cards. Who doesn't want to have excellent players? This article will list the Lakers player rankings.James Worthy - 95He is not only a legend of the Los Angeles Lakers but also one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history. Considering the history of the league legend, this is a considerable achievement for him. He only needs to play the game, and does not need to be the main ball handler on the offensive side.Elgin Baylor - 95He is an 11x All-Star player, 10x to All-NBA First Team, and won the NBA MVP in 1959. In his career, averaging 27 points, 13 rebounds, and 4 assists per game, he is considered the greatest NBA player. Combining him with a pass-first point guard can make your team more stable.George Mikan - 95He might be the old school player. His nickname is "Mr. Basketball." During his career, he averaged 23 points and 13 rebounds per game. His 95-point MyTeam is a reward for Dominance mode.Jerry West - 94He has a huge impact on the Lakers and the NBA. As a point guard, he has 94 overall is very good, which means that in any situation, he can complete shooting, but as for rebounding or defense, he may not be so good.Magic Johnson - 93He is definitely the greatest pure point guard in history. He is definitely worth 93 overall. You can place him in any guard spots, and his huge size can greatly affect rebounds.Anthony Davis - 93In just one year, he won the love of fans and helped the Lakers win the championship. His 93 overall card shows that his defensive skills are exceptional, and his rebounding ability in the championship cannot be underestimated!If you want to own them, you can only have enough NBA 2K21 MT, and you have to have enough luck. If you are considering where to buy NBA 2K21 MT, then GAMEMS is worth recommending.Whether you are a PS4 user, XBOX One user, PC user, or Switch user, you can buy the NBA 2K21 MT you need on GAMEMS.

NBA 2K21: If You Want To Complete Dunks And Layups, Remember To Equip With These Great Badges!

In basketball, smooth dunks and layups are crucial for a guard, so if you want to successfully complete these actions in NBA 2K21, you need to be equipped with these correct finishing badges. This guide will show you how to equip the best finish badges to maximize the player's abilities.Hall of FameContact Finisher HallIt is by far one of the most important finishing badges in the game. It can increase the chances of a player successfully performing a contact dunk or a layup. If your builds finishing attributes above 80, this badge will greatly improve the player's efficiency in this area. This Hall of Fame badge will allow your players to show the strongest contact dunk! Even if you face the best defenders, when paired with the correct dunk and layup animations, Contact Finisher will take your players' finishing skills to a higher level.Slithery FinisherAs long as you are a guard, Slithery Finisher is an important badge for you. It can improve the player's ability to avoid contact with the defense when making a dunk or layup. When you set it to the Hall of Fame level, the player will be able to easily pass the defense to protect the rim, and the success rate of dunking or layup will also be increased.GoldPro TouchThis is good for layups and it gives players an extra boost for layups.The Gold level of this badge ensures that layup efforts are converted into easy points.AcrobatIf you want to show off your moves on the court, such as the reverse layup and euro-step, then you this badge is the must-have! Because the Gold level will ensure that all your stunt layups are ultimately successful.SilverConsistent FinisherIt can improve your layup skills and can aid your layup scoring efforts. Because it allows you to reduce penalties for inappropriate layups and get a more consistent score. We recommend setting this badge to the silver level, because there is no need to make it to a higher level.BronzeGiant SlayerThis badge is very useful for players who rely on layups. It can not only improve the efficiency of layups and fight against taller defenders, but also reduce the chance of being blocked at the rim. We recommend that you set it to Bronze, because this layer is enough for this badge to play its role.Building a fantasy team requires NBA 2K21 MT, so don't arbitrarily NBA 2K21 MT on any badges, You need to upgrade specific badges according to players' specific circumstances.For more guides and cheap NBA 2K21 MT, you can come to GAMEMS anytime, our staff is online 24/7, so if you have any questions, you can get answers in a short time.

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen: You'll Enjoy Full MMO With The City Mode

In addition to the realistic graphics and the new WNBA mode, the next generation of NBA 2K21 will still bring us new content. In the next generation, you can also add The City, which is an expanded online world, to the list of specific features.The CityThe city is built on the basis of the Neighborhood game mode. If you are a fan of NBA 2K, you should be familiar with the Neighborhood mode. It has always been one of the hallmarks of this game, so The City sounds like MMORPG.When you first come to the city, you need to start from Rookieville. As the name implies, when you enter the online world, there are several tasks that you need to complete. Once you leave Rookieville, you will be able to join any of the following Affiliations: North, South, East, and West. Each has its own mayor.MayorsThe first mayor was selected by Visual Concepts from the NBA 2K community. After that, each Affiliation elects the mayor by voting. The term of each mayor is six weeks. As a mayor, you will have the right to define the visual identity of your faction.And the mayor can also customize your Affiliation's uniforms, court designs and more. This is gorgeous!Challenge other playersAs you continue to explore the hub, you will see basketball hoops next to some buildings, where you can challenge other players to games of HORSE and half-court. There are 6 players in total.NPCsIn this process, you will also encounter NPCs, you have to complete the tasks they give you, which is almost the same as other MMO games, and there will be an exclamation mark above their heads!There are also stores around the world, where you can customize the appearance of your character.NBA 2K21 next-gen will be released on XBOX Series X/S on November 10th.Released on PS5 on November 12th, once next-gen is released, you can visit The City.If you need NBA 2K21 MT or NBA 2K21 VC at that time, you can also buy anything you need on GAMEMS. GAMEMS always puts the needs of customers first, as long as you need, we will provide you.

NBA 2K21 MyCareer: Which Position Is The Best For You To Play In LA Clippers?

The next generation of NBA 2K21 is coming soon. It will be released on Xbox Series X/S on November 10 and PS5 will get the game on November 12. So NBA 2K21 fans need to pay attention to these two dates.If you will be the next generation player of NBA 2K21, would you choose to play in LA Clippers? Because this team is also popular, if you do, what position would you like to play?Each gamer focuses on different aspects. Some gamers will focus more on a build that is more suitable The Rec or The Park, but there are also other gamers who want to realize their great basketball dreams in the game. So, if you are a fan of the LA Clippers and you want to lead your team to success in the game, choosing the right position is an important prerequisite.First of all, they don't need wings, because Kawhl Lenard and Paul George joined. And Ivica Zubac's starting center position is too strong to be shaken, so power forward and point guard are your best choices.If you choose one of the two, we recommend that you choose a point guard, which will make the game more interesting! 2K ditched the pie chart skill selection in the next-generation version, so you can add points where you think it is necessary. Building a pass-first player is what Clippers needs, and if such a player joins in, it will undoubtedly increase their chances of winning. So when you start building, pay attention to playmaking and defense with adding some shooting points.The perfect cooperation of Kawhi and PG will bring some easy assists, while the pick-and-roll game with Ivica Zubac will be able to create more opportunities for the whole team.If you create a point guard, which means that Patrick Beverley will move to the bench, but giving Lou Williams a point guard that truly matches him can benefit the second unit.For more news and guides, you can go to GAMEMS to browse all news. And GAMEMS will pay attention to NBA 2K21 next-generation news, once next-gen is released, we will also update the latest news in time.GAMEMS also provides cheap NBA 2K21 MT and NBA 2K21 VC. Low prices have always been one of the advantages of GAMEMS, but because the price is too low, many customers did not believe us at the beginning and have been skeptical, but once they have made a purchase on our website, they become our loyal customer, because they think that GAMEMS is a completely trustworthy website. Cheap, safe, and fast delivery, which are important reasons why customers prioritize our website!