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Maplestory Mesos


  • Bera
  • Scania
  • Aurora
  • Elysium
  • Luna


  • 200M

    Maplestory Mesos Bera 200M

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    Maplestory Mesos Bera 400M

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    Maplestory Mesos Bera 2000M

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    Maplestory Mesos Bera 4000M

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    Maplestory Mesos Bera 8000M

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    Maplestory Mesos Bera 15000M

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    Maplestory Mesos Bera 20000M

About Maplestory Mesos

What is the MapleStory?

MapleStory is the most popular casual massive multiplayer online role play game, developed by Wizet, published by Nexon, AsiaSoft, Shanda, Gamania, and Level Up in Korea, Japan, NA, EU, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Brazil since 2003. The game features 2D side-scrolling graphics, cute character & mobs images, lavish items and monsters, skill trees, and superb quests system. Players start the game in an isolated rainbow village, once transport out from the village players can never comeback.

The world map is split into two major parts, the Victoria Island, and the Maple World, that was linked by Ellinia & El Nath port. You can see other gamers every map, every server in the game and many TV ads or programs BGM was come from the game.

How To Buy MapleStory Mesos?

MapleStory Mesos is the only currency in the game that can be trade for cash. When you level up to lv.10, lv.30, lv.70, lv.120, you will need to get through the profession transfer quest. Weapons atk attribute is the most important parameter for your attack, and two same type weapons differs only 1 atk attribute will deviate apart largely. In order to challenge the world bosses Zakum or Pianus or Horntail, you should upgrade your weapons and gears to the full condition. GameMS provide you the cheap and safe MapleStory Mesos.

GameMS is one of the best MapleStory Mesos stores online. We never sell hacked MapleStory Mesos and we put customers' account safety at the first place. Now there're 14 years since the game initial publish, and the MapleStory Mesos becomes less and less valuable since there're numerous gamers'effort. To buy MapleStory Mesos, we are your best choice! Have a nice game!


  • Maplestory ISEKAI QUARTET Event Launches On March 11, Runs Until April 7

    Maplestory ISEKAI QUARTET Event Launches On March 11, Runs Until April 7

    It has been a few months since the last event, and Maplestory finally started a new one, ISEKAI QUARTET, featuring limited-time character cameos, quests, rewards, cash items and other new mini-games for all to experience.

    The ISEKAI QUARTET Event will start on March 11 and runs until April 7, 2020, creating chibi-styled anime with four popular light novel universes.

    ISEKAI QUARTET bridges the four worlds into one dimension, OVERLORD, KonoSuba, God's blessing on this wonderful world, Re: ZERO- Starting Life in Another World and Saga of Tanya the Evil, following the antics of popular series characters and their attempts to survive school together, which will add another layer of hijinks to the existing crossover in Maplestory.

    The Maplers who are above level 33 are allowed to participate in the event and gain rewards, such as the Isekai Friends Gift Box, and more Maplestory items. For those who are new may be having trouble dealing with yet another strange new world, but they can be helped by the old friends. Once you help out three of the five newcomers every day, you can earn the Isekai Friends Gift Box.

    During the event, you are required to complete different quests every day such as Beach Day, Test of Courage, Sweet Skies, etc to earn EXP.

    Maplers can also have access to Isekai Match that can be completed every 30 minutes of accumulated login time. The players who have flipped and match 12 cards in the mini-game can receive Mr. Roswaal's Gift Box item containing ISEKAI QUARTET totems and more, one can get up to 3 gift boxes per day.

    Maplestory Mesos is an indispensable in-game currency, especially when leveling up characters or weapons. GameMS is willing to provide you with cheap and secure Maplestory Mesos, which is an online store that protects all customers' trading through a security system. Shopping here, no one will be deceived, but quickly get what they want.

    Mar 09, 2020


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