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MUT 23 Coins


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  • Madden 23: Ultimate Team will add a new Battle Pass mechanic

    Madden 23: Ultimate Team will add a new Battle Pass mechanic

    The most attractive mode in the Madden series is recognized as Madden Ultimate Team. As the release of Madden 23 is getting closer and closer to us, the news of Madden 23 Ultimate Team has also been revealed. We will create our best team in the new game.

    Madden 23 Ultimate Team Season 1 officially kicks off on August 19 following the release of Madden 23, and we will also see new interesting mechanics in it, including a Battle Pass nature Field Pass, new competition mechanics and valuable things.

    1. Field Pass

    As a major new feature, Field Pass provides a clear progression path, and players can earn rewards and progress by continuously completing levels and objectives. There are three types of Field Passes, Season, Competitive, and Ultimate Team program-specific passes. While each flower contains 60 levels of rewards, the types of rewards will vary.

    And it's worth noting that there's no extra cost to choose from a different kind of Field Pass. The Field Pass of Madden 23 Ultimate Team Season 1 will last for 60 days, and players will experience a wealth of content in it.

    2. MUT Champions

    The weekend league that originally appeared in Madden 22 will be changed to MUT Champions, the most competitive mode in Ultimate Team Season 1, where players can earn various rewards through 25 games per week.

    3. Sets 2.0

    Good players are the key to building Ultimate Team, so in Madden 23 the Sets mechanic has been upgraded. We can manage player suits more intuitively and conveniently.

    In addition to the above three main Ultimate Team gameplay, players can also defeat different opponents in a variety of competitive matches and obtain special purple Power up items.

    GAMEMS is committed to helping you with your Madden 23 process, and you can get more up-to-date information here. Buy MUT 23 Coins at is the best option if you want to get a head start when Madden 23 is released, and we've got you covered.

    Aug 12, 2022

  • Madden 23: What's new as we know it so far

    Madden 23: What's new as we know it so far

    We're getting closer and closer to Madden 23's landing, and we'll officially see the most important chapter in the Madden series in a few weeks on August 19th. And for the loyal fans, we need to get a first look at the new features and content we're about to experience so we're ready to start our Madden 23 journey and experience the new joys of American football.

    So far, we can learn the following new features and related details from the official information released by EA and the closed beta version.

    1. FieldSENSE

    As the first new feature as the headline, we will naturally focus on this upgraded game engine. After trying it out in beta, FieldSENSE's new mechanics of Skill-based Passing and Hit Everything have indeed brought considerable improvements. Players will enjoy a more realistic rugby game process and more innovative gameplay through this feature.

    2. Franchise Mode

    Compared with FieldSENSE, the content brought by Madden 23's Franchise Mode is slightly ordinary. This mode adds a new contract system that includes players, but from the feedback from the beta version, the lack of Create a Team function and other features that players want to see are not present in this new work.

    3. Face of the Franchise: The Yard

    This is without a doubt the dark horse of all Madden 23's announced new features. In this mode, players will need to use strategy to build the ideal team they have in mind, and experience more side events like bonus game nights, prank wars and extra training in this fitting career mode.

    4. Superstar KO

    Superstar KO is the least-announced feature so far, and we expect it to continue the basic setup found in Madden 22. Players can use the Superstar X-Factor ability in it and expect to see updates in the stadium and dynamic rules.

    5. Madden 23 Ultimate Team

    As the core mode of Madden 23, Ultimate Team is back again. According to the feedback of the beta version, the function of this mode has been simplified and changed, and it is not too different from the previous version.

    In addition to having a preliminary understanding of the new features before the release, it is also necessary to accumulate MUT 23 Coins in time. Buy MUT 23 Coins at must be the best option if you want to get ahead of the rest after Madden 23 is released. Not only that, but you can also get more useful information here, so stay tuned.

    Jul 13, 2022




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