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  • Madden 22: Season 4 is coming soon

    Madden 22: Season 4 is coming soon

    Just yesterday, Madden 22 released this week's Expected Content Schedule, and more new content will be launched from May 16th to May 22nd, the most notable of which is that Season 4 also appeared in this schedule, which means that the new cards and challenges are on the way.

    While we don't currently know the exact release date for Season 4, based on past experience, it's likely to take place this Wednesday.

    In addition to the big event Season 4, a lot of interesting content has been arranged this week. Include Veterans, Fan Appreciation, Golden Tickets, and Ultimate Legends. Among them, Ultimate Legends has already revealed three of the cards in advance on May 14. They are:

    Offensive Legend - Bo Jackson

    Defensive Legend - Bruce Smith

    LTD -99 OVR Ed Reed

    Not only that, but Golden Tickets Release 2, released a few days ago, also revealed the five players that are currently available:

    Cordarrelle Patterson (CB) - 99 OVR - Atlanta Falcons

    Collin Johnson (WR) - 99 OVR - Jacksonville Jaguars

    Matt Ryan (QB) - 99 OVR - Atlanta Falcons

    Mike Evans (SS) - 99 OVR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    A.J. Dillon (HB) - 99 OVR - Green Bay Packers

    While there's no exact date announcement for Madden 22 Season 4, it's sure to start this week, and fans will be able to take on new challenges and earn new rewards. Meanwhile, to help you get off to a good start in the new season, GAMEMS will provide you with cheap MUT 22 Coins, you are welcome to place your order here anytime.

    May 17, 2022

  • Madden 22: This Week's Fan Appreciation and HeavyWeights Now Available

    Madden 22: This Week's Fan Appreciation and HeavyWeights Now Available

    Based on Madden 22's expected content schedule, four major content will be covered this week: HeavyWeights, Fan Appreciation, Golden Tickets and Ultimate Legends. Players will be able to enjoy a variety of activities and get rich rewards.

    The first is Fan Appreciation, an event that allows players to upgrade their player cards while participating in challenge events in Ultimate Team. Most notably, two new cards have been added to Fan Appreciation, Tom Brady and Ed Too Tall Jones (CB) will be upgraded to Golden Tickets, and players will have the opportunity to advance them to level 99. The sale ends on May 31, and players have plenty of time to weigh in and use them.

    In addition to the two Golden Tickets, Madden 22 will also provide two tokens each week to help players improve items, and the items have all Team Chems, a total of 32 types.

    Plus, Madden 22 revealed this week's new HeavyWeights, which are:

    Nick Gate (C)

    Joe Thuney (LG)

    Kenny Clark (DT)

    As of now, Madden 22 has released content for both projects, with more to come later this week. GAMEMS will continue to update you with relevant information, so you can stay tuned. At the same time, we can also provide you cheap MUT 22 Coins to support your Ultimate Team process, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

    May 11, 2022




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