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MUT 22 Coins


  • PS4/PS5
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  • Madden 22: Voted New Golden Tickets Now Live

    Madden 22: Voted New Golden Tickets Now Live

    Madden 22 is still actively bringing new content. While Madden 23's release is imminent, with new and upgraded mechanics and modes, we can still build an unstoppable lineup of exclusives in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

    EA is also continuously strengthening communication with players and implementing feedback into game content. Recently, Madden 22 Ultimate Team voted to decide who will receive Golden Ticket Items, including Kickers and Punters. Judging from the results, Justin Tucker and Matt Araiza lead with clear support, and at this stage, they have joined the remaining Golden Tickets as Kickers and Punters respectively.

    Fans can now log in to MUT to collect some excellent cards to enrich their lineup. With the two newly released 99 OVR cards mentioned above, Ultimate Legends can also help you to strengthen, and we currently have new players in Ultimate Legends available, which includes:

    99 OVR Jason Taylor

    97 OVR (LOLB) Earl Campbell

    97 OVR (HB) Haloti Ngata

    Among them, Jason Taylor's Ability Discount includes 2 AP - Edge Threat Elite and 1 AP - No Outsiders, which players can use to deal with different challenges and competitions. will be your good partner on your journey to Madden 22 Ultimate Team. Not only can we bring you the latest news, but we can also support you with safe MUT 22 Coin for sale to support you in winning matches and getting more rewards, so feel free to visit and get in touch.

    Jun 27, 2022

  • Madden 22: Ultimate Legends Brings More Cards

    Madden 22: Ultimate Legends Brings More Cards

    As we head into summer, as in previous years, now is the perfect time to look forward to the new Madden series. Madden 23 is getting closer and closer. There's a lot more to look forward to after revealing the cover for John Madden, and Madden 22 is also bringing more new cards worth getting.

    Ultimate Legends is currently available to players as the newest card deck to join the MUT 22 Marketplace, and players can now purchase them and complete sets to earn these cards. These cards contain some very powerful stars that can help you greatly improve your Madden 22 Ultimate Team roster.

    We can get the following top cards in Ultimate Legends:

    LTD - Joey Porter (ROLB) - 99 OVR

    Offensive Legend - Larry Allen (RG) - 99 OVR

    Offensive Legend (Versatile) - Larry Allen (WR) - 97 OVR

    Defensive Legend - Ken Houston (SS) - 99 OVR

    Defensive Legend (Versatile) - Ken Houston (RT) - 97 OVR

    It is worth mentioning that Joey Porter can bring a considerable Ability Discount, including 1 AP - Edge Threat Elite and 1 AP - Inside Stuff.

    If you're looking to build an Ultimate Team lineup in Madden 22 to your satisfaction, is here to help, where you can buy cheap MUT 22 Coins to strengthen your players.

    At the same time, if you are following the latest news of Madden 23, you can lock us and we will bring you more valuable information in time.

    Jun 15, 2022




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