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About MUT 21 Coins

By mid-to-late 2020, EA will release the newest installment of the long-running Madden NFL(Nation Football League) series, namely Madden 21, also known as MUT 21 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Until then, MUT Coins, the common currency and medium in Madden series, will also be updated to Madden NFL 21 Coins, which can be used to buy cards and keep them in Ultimate Team, or sell in the market to balance the in-game economy.

MUT 21 Coins play an indispensable role in all aspects, and trading is indeed an effective one to same time and energy compared to other methods.

Shopping at, it can guarantee to protect the safety of personal information and goods, all Madden 21 Coins are 100% handmade, and will not cause any risk at all.

Moreover, its price is lower than other stores, as it has sufficient inventory and reliable suppliers, it will meet all of your demands anytime, anywhere.

Madden Coins on all consoles are available on GameMS, also, please contact our 24-hour customer service for any problem, who will answer everything for you.

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Madden 21: Why Should We Concern About The Next-Gen Version?

All things considered, it's been a tough year to be a Madden fan. The franchise mode is still underdeveloped, and changes aren't coming until November, and those only scrape the surface of fixing what ails the feature. The game has been buggy since launch, and every patch seems to break something else with the game. As it is, when or shortly after the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are released, the next level of Madden 21 will arrive.Current-Gen Version Has Been BuggyIf EA has had issues providing a functional version of Madden 21 on current-gen systems-despite just a few noticeable changes to the traditional structure-what are we to expect from the game on entirely new hardware?Developing on a New Console, During a PandemicThe pandemic has impacted just about everything on Earth, so game development isn't exempt. No matter what adjustments were made in the development of the game on next-gen, it seems unlikely there won't be some sort of fallout directly or indirectly related to devs working from home.Team Still Working on Cleaning Up Issues From Current-GenEA is still trying to get a handle on bugs in the current-gen version. Meanwhile, we're less than 60 days away from the release of the game on next-gen.It seems reasonable to assume the resources dedicated to putting out current-gen fires might detract from the attention being paid to ironing out some potential early issues with next-gen Madden.We Haven't Even Seen a Player's FACE Yet!Visuals are always a major selling point with new consoles, and a lot of the value in this vein will be associated with player faces. Well, we haven't seen one yet. All we've seen is Tom Brady and DeVante Adams' back.It makes me wonder if they feel confident about the work in this important area-at least as it pertains to generating the wow factor.Despite this, Madden fans are still full of expectations for this game and hope the team can surprise everyone. If there is the latest news about Madden 21, GAMEMS will update the news in time!Of course, as a professional supplier, we also provide cheap and safe MUT 21 Coins! If you need Madden 21 Coins, don't miss GAMEMS - a store that always puts customers first.                                                                                     

Madden 21: EA Should Be Fair To Bills QB Josh Allen!

The NFL season is in full swing, and EA is doing a good job of adjusting ratings for Franchise Mode.We have already seen Russell Wilson get juiced up to 98 OVR. Emmanuel Sanders lowered to 85 OVR. But one player that EA didn't adjust appropriately is Bills QB Josh Allen!About Josh AllenAs the No. 7 overall pick in 2018, Allen's enormous arm strength is his strength. As a rookie, he started 11 games and threw more interceptions (12) than touchdowns (10).His 2019 campaign was better though. The completion percentage jumped six points to 58.8%. He threw 20 TDs to just 9 INTs. This allowed him to obtain 77 OVR in Madden 21. This put him 20th among QBs. Since then, everything he has done is a mockery of that rating.Madden 21 rating adjustmentsSo far, Russell Wilson has performed very well, his OVR has risen from 97 to 98. Aaron Rodgers has moved up two to 92 OVR, even Ryan Tannehill has grown by two. At the same time, Josh Allen has only 78 OVR and still ranks 20th in QBs, even though he has a good start to the 2020 season.Allen's 2020 performanceIn two games, Josh Allen has thrown for 727 yards and 6 touchdowns without any picks. He completed 70% of his passes and run for 76 yards and a score.Of course, the caveat is that he has only faced the Jets and Dolphins so far.Boost his accuracy!Surprisingly, most of Allen's stats improvement in Madden 21 has come on his running ability. He's got +6 trucking since launch, +2 break tackle, and +1 ball carrier vision.The only passing stats that have grown are deep accuracy (+1) and throw on the run (+1).Despite throwing some amazing deep bombs he is just 41st in deep accuracy, even with that +1 boost.Then there is his short accuracy (78) that is worse than players like Jarrett Stidham, CJ Beathard, and both his backups Matt Barkley and Jake Fromm.EA is doing a nice job with regular adjustments, but they have been doing Josh Allen dirty.In short, I hope EA can be fair to Allen, he deserves a higher OVR. If you have never used him, then I suggest you try it. Maybe you will get a surprise.                                                       If EA raises Allen's OVR later, GAMEMS will notify you in time, so if you are worried about missing the latest news, you can bookmark the news page on GAMEMS!If you read this article and want to try Josh Allen, but don't have enough MUT 21 Coins to buy his player card, don't worry, GAMEMS will help you solve all problems. GAMEMS provides cheap and safe MUT 21 Coins, which will undoubtedly save you a lot of unnecessary time. You don't have to spend a lot of time in the game to earn MUT 21 Coins, so you can enjoy the fun of the game.

Madden 21 The Yard: September Title Update, Beginner's Guide, Avatar, Prototype & More

EA launched the newest Madden21 game mode, The Yard. Here is some information about it.The Yard Beginner's GuideThe newest Madden21 game mode provides a lot of new controls and capabilities. This includes being able to score bonus points, snap to different players, and more.In order to give you a deeper understanding of The Yard, we have made a guide:What is The Yard?6V6 backyard football. With a variety of new trick play animations that has never appeared in Madden, The Yard feels completely new. The ability to improvise and adapt after the snap will be key. The Yard is fast, thrilling, and most importantly fun. Players will delve into all-new gameplay on mobile and on consoles that will bring to life the backyard football that NFL players and fans grew up loving, where the rules are relaxed, and you can win with attitude.LocationsThere are currently four The Yard. From Miami Port to the back lot in Green Bay, you can feel the American style. There is also a field next to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and an unknown military location. Each location comes with its own set of House Rules.Your avatar, team & prototypeWithin The Yard you will need to build an avatar, your avatar will play both offensive and defensive roles at the same time, you need to choose a prototype to style him in. However, your prototype is not position-locked, you can choose to be a QB with a WRs prototype. Given the trick plays involved in The Yard, that's a good choice. You can get X-Factors, Abilities, and then assign skill points to build your avatar up.Each prototype comes with a unique X-Factor that you can't change. You are granted a few Abilities to start but will soon be able to unlock more. Skill points are earned by leveling up the prototype you are using. You can use them to accentuate traits.If you don't want to always experience exciting football games, then The Yard mode will be a good choice. This mode captures and innovates the backyard football energy players have wanted for years.But if you are a crazy fan of Madden Ultimate Team, we also understand, because Madden 21's Ultimate Team is equally good. With customization allowing you to change the way your stars play on the field, each MUT team will feel like a different squad even if many of the star players are the same. This change is a great way to give MUT some game diversity and require more thought into lineups before they hit the gridiron.If you are a new player in Madden 21, then this guide may be helpful to you. If you are interested, you can bookmark the news page on GAMEMS.And GAMEMS also provides cheap Madden 21 Coins. We guarantee that all MUT 21 Coins are 100% handmade without any risk. And its price is lower than in other stores because we have sufficient inventory and will meet all your demands anytime, anywhere.

Madden 21 Next-Gen Upgrade: Pre-Order, PS5, Xbox Series X, Sony, Microsoft & More

Madden 21 has been out for a month. With the launch of the next-generation consoles, many fans are paying attention to the performance of this game on PS5 and Xbox Series X.So, what can fans expect from the next-gen upgrade?Xbox Series X Pre-Orders Available Now!Microsoft's next-generation lineup, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, are now available for pre-order. It is worth noting that the supply is limited.Free next-gen upgradeThe important thing is that Madden 21 players can upgrade for free as long as they stay within the same manufacturer. This means that if you got this game on PS4, you can upgrade to PS5 for free, but not to Xbox Series X.Madden 21 on Xbox Series XMadden 21 has been optimized for the Series X. This means that EA fully intends to take advantage of the Microsoft machine. The Xbox Series X will be the most powerful game ever made.Loading times will be next-to-nothing, and gameplay will be much sharper. The new generation of Madden21 has no additional features, but the experience should be much smoother.Madden 21 on PS5Although Madden 21 is not specifically built for PS5, it can still take advantage of Sony's next-generation console.For PS5 players, fast loading and clear graphics are also beneficial.Even though Madden 21 received ridicule when it was released, it is still the best-selling game in August. And over time, EA will slowly fix the bugs in the game, but before some bugs fixes, it makes the players angry and also makes people laugh.If you already own Madden 21, then MUT 21 Coins must be very important to you. If you want to take this game seriously and lead your team to success, having enough MUT 21 Coins is a good prerequisite. So, if you need to buy cheap MUT 21 Coins, don't miss GAMEMS. The price of MUT 21 Coins on GAMEMS is lower than the market price, or even lower than the discounted price of other platforms!