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MUT 21 Coins


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  • Madden 21: The Highest Rated Wide Receivers

    To get success in Madden 21 often, you need to have a good enough wide receiver. So you may want to know the high-rated WRs in Madden 21. If you plan to use the passing game mechanics, you will want to consider these teams.

    Davante Adams - 99 OVR

    Aaron Rodgers won the NFL MVP award, but Davante Adams seems to be no less inferior to him. When the game broke down and, Adams will come up clutch.

    He led the second-place receiver 3 with 18 TDs. With a keen sense of endzone and hands that won't lose the ball, Adams became the most popular wideout at the end of the season.

    DeAndre Hopkins - 99 OVR

    In 2019, DeAndre left a deep impression on the audience. His outstanding performance allowed him to win 98 ratings and become one of the best catchers in history.

    Tyreek Hill - 98 OVR

    Can Patrick Mahomes without Tyreek Hill be so excellent? The Chiefs will not let this question become a reality, they will always retain the fastest receivers. No matter who is the quarterback, Tyreek Hill has always been an impressive player. In addition to his natural talent, analysts have always praised him.

    Stefon Diggs - 97 OVR

    After taking the lead on receptions and yardage, Stefon Diggs once again proved that he is strong. He helped Buffalo's offense become one of the most prolific teams in the league.

    Julio Jones - 95 OVR

    He only caught double-digit touchdowns in a season once, and his best results don't seem to appear on the datasheet. But Jones always gets high ratings. Although he hadn't played for half a season, he still caught more than 700 yards.

    To build a strong team, a good receiver is also very important. You can refer to the receivers mentioned above. With them, this will greatly increase your chances of winning. If you lack the MUT 21 Coins to get the player cards, you can come to GAMEMS to buy them immediately.

    Whether you need PS4/5 MUT 21 Coins, PC MUT 21 Coins, or Xbox Series MUT 21 Coins, they are all available on GAMEMS.

    Apr 13, 2021

  • Madden 21: Which Is The Best Offensive Line?

    In Madden 21, one of the keys to a good offense is to have the best offensive line. When you play against your friends online or face-to-face with AI in an exhibition, a team with a good Offensive line can help you create space for the run and have time to complete a large pass downfield.

    So based on this, Madden 21 gamers want to know which offensive line is the best, and EA officially gave the result according to ratings.

    In the past few years, the Philadelphia Eagles have the best offensive lines in Madden:

    Four-time Pro Bowl center Jason Kelce leads with 93 ratings. They have always had a top passing and rushing blocking line.

    Especially guarding the right side, Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson are the two best blockers on the right side of the league, with their ratings of 92 and 88, respectively.

    On the left side is Jason Peters with 77 ratings and Jordan Mailata with 71 ratings. Although they are not elite, they are strong enough and protected by TEs Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz.

    In general, the Eagles have a very strong offensive line, the key is to add a solid offense behind it to score. And hope that in 2021, Jalen Hurts can prove that he is a viable QB for the Eagles, and his rating may be improved in Madden 22.

    So if you are looking for a strong offensive line, then the Philadelphia Eagles may be the team you are looking for! If you want to make your team stronger, you can come to GAMEMS to buy MUT 21 Coins. Sufficient MUT 21 Coins can allow you to dominate the game.

    And the price of Madden 21 Coins on GAMEMS is always fluctuating, so when its price is low enough, you can stack up more MUT 21 Coins, anyway, they are a necessity in the game, you won’t go well without them.

    Apr 12, 2021