For specific circumstances, such as the first payment you make on this website or the payment value is over $ 50 as total, we need to verify the payment and the payer information in order to keep your private information and property safe and sound and avoid any kind of ID thefts/bank accounts stealing/mistaken operations and its chain effects.

To verify the payer, our service representatives will ask you for your Email/ Order Number. An Order Number helps us verify the payer and keep track of the order.

Steps You Need To Know:

1. A customer places an order. (During payment there are certain fields as in the player name, email address, registered price, listed item screenshot link etc.we need you to fill in your legit info Which helps us to assist you properly )

2. Customer gives his player info through email: [email protected] or through the website live chat.

3. Once we have Significant player information our Customer care representative passes the information to the Delivery Representative.

4. As soon as the Delivery Representative claims confirmation of delivery, our customer care will notify you of complete successful transfer.

5. In case of any difficulties such as player couldn’t be found, insufficient payment, or payer verification, etc. Our customer care representative will guide you through the process so you don’t need to worry.

Our customer care representatives are here 24/7 to assist you, moreover, you can ask all sorts of questions/queries through our Twitter/Facebook/Email.