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  • 2021-01-28
    Very good and fast service! Ordered from here twice already, thank you guys!
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    Very cheap mut 12 coins and great service.
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    My problem was resolved quickly, fast and accurate in these responses, thanks a lot.
  • 2021-01-25
    The goods are delivered quickly and the prices are very cheap. Amazing service. A+

About Final Fantasy XIV Gil

What is the Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is the fourteen entry of Final Fantasy series developed by Square Enix, which was first released in 2010. Around the fantasy realm of Eorzea, the players act as customized avatars when struggling to survive on the land. In Final Fantasy XIV, the tradable in-game currency is called Final Fantasy XIV Gil, which can buy in-game equipment, food and potions for characters to enhance their skills just like in real life.

All farming requires investment for lots of hours, and is no exception in Final Fantasy XIV, in that case, many experienced players have begun to buy FFXIV Gil from reliable marketplaces in case of need, like Gamems.

Buy FFXIV Gil on Gamems

You can rest assured that all FFXIV Gil we deliver to you is secure enough, because the site’s security system can automatically filter out the unknown origin currency, and we will never sell illegal currency to any buyer.

In addition, during the whole trade process, all of your personal information can be protected from being leaked, once you paid, a certain number of FFXIV Gil you want can be sent to your account within 10 minutes. By the way, it is okay to choose which one from various payment methods.

Our 24-hour customer service is working every day, as long as you have questions or doubts, feel free to contact us via live chat or email.

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Why FFXIV is so important for the next decade of gaming?

FFXIV is incredible in the last year of this decade. However, what it does is provide a blueprint for success for other games, not just others. As the video game industry continues to see real-time serving games as a viable and profitable business model, FFXIV continues to provide evidence that this structure is pleasant.Final Fantasy XIV will be the most important MMORPG to enter the next game. The outstanding Shadowbringers extension has made critics marvel at its deep story and the massive improvement in overall player experience quality. Data is the most representative of authority. Player participation and discussion is the most realistic reaction of Final Fantasy XIV on MMORPG.Consumers are having problems using real-time services that provide little for what they consider to be a huge investment in resources (whether time, money or both). Although FFXIV has been around for a long time, Not accused. If the real-time service model is to be developed and MMORPG is to continue into the next decade of the game, then the success of FFXIV is likely to be both a blueprint and a barometer to measure the feasibility of both.For many players, having a lot of FFXIV Gil in the game allows them to do more with less. Save time and effort! Players can not only enjoy the value-added services provided by when purchasing Final Fantasy XIV Gil on GameMS, but they can also enjoy 6% off when paying with the "XMAS" coupon code.

Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2019 Returns For Christmas

It's Christmas again, which means that the annual seasonal event of Final Fantasy XIV will return, Starlight Celebration, providing a series of special tasks to earn rewards such as the Santa hats and candies.Two days ago, Square Enix finally announced the lineup and format of Starlight Celebration in 2019, all players above level 15 are invited to Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre in Old Gridania to accept the new quest and start earning rewards, which includes the main attraction of the Saintly Barding that puts your Chocobo into a warm-looking parka, along with music, a housing poster, tabletop food and a rather adorable Goobbue Wreath.The Starlight Celebration 2019 brings a new NPC, Ahm Garanjy, who is located in the center of Old Gridania to kick off the quests related to the limited-time event, and the event starts from December 18 and won't stop until December 31, 2019 at 6:59 AM PST. Now it is available on PC and PlayStation 4.Until then, you can put on your character a Christmas suit, along with the themed items, Saintly Barding, Starlight de Chocobo Orchestrion Roll, Choir Concert Advertisement, Starlight Roll Cake, Starlight Goobbue Wreath and more.After Christmas is over, the new year is about to begin, and another major update Final Fantasy VII remake will be released in the early 2020. The version was first released in 1997, and at that time it has become one of the greatest MMOs, Square Enix brought it back due to its success, that being said, a long-lasting adventure will begin, along with 5.2 Patch of Final Fantasy XIV.Hope you can enjoy the whole Christmas, and stand back under the spotlight and start your performance, then go back with your prizes.Anytime, anywhere, you can play Final Fantasy XIV to take up your spare time, and in order to play it well, you are usually recommended to Buy FFXIV Gil as an investment, which is the fastest way to upgrade and get rid of the hard farming every day.Knowing that you may be searching for risk-free stores to ensure the currency security, GameMS may not be the best, but it does meet all your basic requirements, such as excellent service, fast delivery speed, special offers, and after-sale service, which can make online shopping safer and more convenient, why not try it out?

Final Fantasy XIV PS 5 may be brought soon

Due to the great success of Final Fantasy XIV in recent years, MMO now has a lot of active players, and its development process and the ideas of Yoshida and the team behind MMO are no small reason. With the release of PlayStation 5 less than 12 months, many have begun to question how MMORPG transitions to Sony's next-generation platform.Final Fantasy XIV is one of Square's most popular MMORPGs and currently runs on both PlayStation 4 and PC. At the recent XIV fan party in London, it was reported that the game's most popular producer Naoki Yoshida (Naoki Yoshida) said that his team is currently working on a PS5 version. At that time, GameMS will also provide players with the corresponding FFXIV Gil.Final Fantasy XIV has just launched its latest major extension, Shadowbringers, a game that has a growing and vibrant community and is considered by many to be the number two MMO in this category, behind the World of Warcraft.For Final Fantasy MMO, jumping to PlayStation 5 seems like a logical step. Soon after the launch of Sony PlayStation 4, it jumped to Sony's current platform, and the PS3 version closed in 2017.However, this will not be as simple as a toggle switch. Square will need to build a new server while ensuring that the game's newer console port connects to PS4 and PC via cross-play. For those who want a next-generation upgrade, a migration method is also needed.We still don't know much about PS5 and how to deal with backward compatibility, but, understandably, the new version of FFXIV will be used to take advantage of the increased available resources. Needless to say, what appears to be the most powerful MMO in the world will only grow stronger. GameMS provides the Cheapest FFXIV Gil, and Buy/Sell FF14 Gil with safe delivery. We support 24/7 online service!

Final Fantasy XIV 5.11 patch description - it's simple to ride for the gorilla's palm

The latest update to Final Fantasy XIV can be used, along with the 5.11 patch focuses within the new Ultimate Difficult Raid along with the new manufacturing of Ishgard Restoration, and also the real highlight with the release is the modern mount. The patch description has little effect on balance changes, so don't expect any major updates for the course you select - I might come across new content.It's hard for players to a breakthrough in the game, and it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain the character's daily needs. Buying food, potions, and equipment is a tedious job, but if you don't have enough pockets FFXIV Gil is difficult to carry out smoothly.Although the total patch description for the official website only says new mounts are already added,the revolutionary rideable companion image illustrates this. Data miners have long discovered this person - apparently Ufiti,that is used being a Scips for 8,400 Skybuilders within Ishgard recovery.It's a gorilla that can take you to your side, and that is enough will be able to re-inject the FF14 bullets and levels into the current content.Ishgard Restoration itself is something about crafts and collectors, and players can work together.DoH courses must collect materials, while DoL courses must produce materials themselves.Although more participants are involved in the construction market,the restoration of the sky needs to be done independently.Patch 5.11 also adds Alexander Epic,a whole new ultimate difficulty team that can you to the clockwork dungeon and combines a group of opponents from your Alexander team.If you need FFXIV Gil, you can get it on our GameMS website, where you have the cheapest game currency and the most complete service.Shadowbringers has become a great success among FF14 loyal followers, and recent additions,for example,Nier: Automata raids have been successful.The dominance on the game inside the best MMORPG appears to be continuing.