How does the NBA 2K20MT model dominate the Zero Squad lineup?
How does the NBA 2K20MT model dominate the Zero Squad lineup?

With the release of 2K20, it continues to open up wasteland like the 19 letters. Now the hegemony match has been through the first two rounds and the last one is different. Unlike the previous year, the player star system was added this year, so this time I played the hegemony and the star.

First pre-order the standard version. When choosing a card package, McGrady was selected, and then the initial card was used to start wasteland. Throughout the process, only coach D'Antoni was bought at the auction. ) And Haslem (then bought at several thousand MT at that time, it should be expensive now, but it doesn't matter if it exists). I recommend cards during the wasteland.

Blue card center MURESAN (token exchange) This card can be said to be the first two rounds of the killer, fast speed can go down, sink to the bottom and eat all the inside, 2.31M model one stop to the inside is a no-fly zone. Five-star recommendation.

Red card point guard RICHARDSON (token exchange) This card has a stable three points and defense.

Red Card Guard WADE Everyone should have this system of cards.

The red card powerhouse CHAMBERS (token exchange) has a strong rebound and three points are also a good choice.

Red card center DAWKINS (cards reach a certain number of system gifts), a good substitute center, when all the green card center stars are over, it is time for him to play.

Under the frame of the first few cards above, the remaining positions are filled with cards that need stars, the basic strength is enough, and multiple stars can be made at one time. Of course, before being able to redeem a red card, like the system-rewarded green card FERGUSON, point Caruso, point guard FULTZ, point Powell, center Powell are all good choices (but I usually replace the next one after rising stars). Almost all of the rewards for the green card star-raising progress in the first round can be over 50%. When the second round has 4,5 games, almost all the upgrades can be completed.

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