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Dofus Kamas


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  • DOFUS Is About To Start The 1st Event Of 2020, Game Of Crowns

    DOFUS Is About To Start The 1st Event Of 2020, Game Of Crowns

    First and foremost, Happy New Year! In the past 2019, we spent more than 300 days together in DOFUS and experienced many fantastic stories. Looking back on 2019, each day is unforgettable and memorable, no one could forget any one when playing DOFUS updates, they are respectively: Temporis III, Eliocalypse: Resonance, the Revenge of the Feathered Dragon, the Master of Dreams, the Four Horsemen of the Eliocalypse, and so on.

    Surely, if you don't think these are enough, you are welcome to play DOFUS in 2020 at any time.

    Now, everyone can prepare for the first event of the year throughout DOFUS, Game of Crowns, this is an adventure full of challenges, and your task is very simple, gathering up as many lucky figurines as you could, and then unlock your exclusive rewards.

    With the Game of Crowns, you'll encounter a series of royal bosses in their dungeons and collect the lucky figurines by defeating them, even dropping something unexpected. These bosses are divided into different levels, 30, 80, 140 and even 200. The higher the bosses are, the more difficult to defeat, but you could also get more lucky figurines accordingly, which can be used to exchange your exclusive titles for the year. Anyway, your score is determined by the number of lucky figurines in your inventory.

    While playing, you may face some of the following bosses:

    Royal Gobball


    Royal Coco Blop, Royal Morello Cherry Blop, Royal Indigo Blop & Royal Pippin Blop**

    Royal Blue Jelly, Royal Lemon Jelly, Royal Strawberry Jelly & Royal Mint Jelly***

    Wa Wabbit

    Wa Wobot

    Rac Queen

    Royal Rainbow Blop**


    Royal Mastogob

    Royal Tofu

    Royal Pingwin

    Tengu Snowfoux

    Celestial Bearbarian


    Dazahk Freezammer

    Queen of Thieves

    King Nidas

    Starting from tomorrow, January 7, 2020, and it won't stop until January 19 at 11: 59 PM CET. In this limited time, we hope that you could complete more challenges and defeat more bosses to gain the lucky figurines and exchange ceremonial items and titles as much as you can. 

    At least 168 lucky figurines for Epiphony 650 Title

    At least 504 lucky figurines for Lucky-Charm Collector 650 Title

    At least 1008 lucky figurines for Kwing or Kween for a Day 650 Title

    Beyond that, the Wa Odanowth's Cwown and Cloak can be also gathered up as a rare drop, but they are not linked to any account.

    The event is about to start soon, hopefully by then I can see all of you in DOFUS.

    To kill as many bosses as possible in a limited time, you need advanced equipment and weapons, DOFUS Kamas is always the in-game currency you need. When it is in short supply outside the market, GameMS can always keep enough inventory to provide consumers with resources and items.

    GameMS is a very reliable store, which can guarantee the security of online shopping, and it also allows you to get rid of the trouble of farming DOFUS Kamas, if necessary, please visit the site anytime, anywhere, finally, good luck on your adventure in DOFUS.

    Jan 06, 2020




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