NHL 20 HUT Guide-How to earn coins fast
NHL 20 HUT Guide-How to earn coins fast

NHL 20 was provided as a featured game on the GameMS website to provide players with a variety of services, but surprisingly received players' likes. So, besides buying, what other ways can you get NHL 20 Coins quickly?

Like FIFA 20 and Madden NFL 20, EA Sports' NHL 20 also has the ultimate team mode. You build your team, rank them and earn coins. Certain farming methods for coins can also be used.

The ultimate team mode has challenges, and each challenge has its own goals. Complete them to earn coins and ensure that different milestones are achieved. You can also buy coins or invest a few packs online and then sell all the cards you don't need. The latter is more expensive because you have to invest in real money. We recommend that you first enter the market, buy seemingly rare cards, and then sell them to people who might be interested.

As with other Ultimate Team games, don't just answer any offers. Wait patiently, wait for the best one before selling the card. You may also want to trade on the 59th minute-when trading, scroll to the 59th minute. It's best to buy before anyone else, click on the "Previous" and "Next" tabs to see the latest cards.

If you think this method is more troublesome and even consumes your precious time, then you can also make online purchases through the GameMS website. There is a professional service team here to provide 24x7 online services, with a secure system guarantee and fast Shipping makes your worry-free shopping!

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