NBA 2K20 Guide-How To Build The Best Center
NBA 2K20 Guide-How To Build The Best Center

In the match of NBA, every star player has the most suitable position for them, and the Centers play a critical role, which determines the success or failure of a team.

With the release of NBA 2K20, some basic facilities in the game have also changed, in order to build the Center better, we provide some basic guide.

For the average center, it must have these capabilities, solid shooting, excellent interior defense, as well as great rebounding stats, which requires players to meet some additional requirements in terms of physical fitness.

The first is the height of the Center players, the higher the player, the more basic shooting data. Simply put, his arms and legs are longer than others, and it seems that he is closer to the rebound, which increases the success rate of shots.

Another important point is to remain solid inside the paint, which could give some support for the lateral quickness and driving dunks.

Beyond that, the wingspan is another factor that determines the number of shots, and the max wingspan does give the Center build solid defensive stats, but when the shooting drops down a little, going one below max wingspan, the shooting will be kept at a solid, along with 69 shooting dropping down.

Anyway, the Center is the core position of basketball, if you want to score more in the matches, you need to select the excellent centers for your team, and create a nearly perfect build, which has made your team stronger than others.

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