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About Albion Online Silver

Albion Silver Description

Since its first release on July 17, 2017, Albion Online, an attractive MMORPG officially entered the public’s field of vision, along with an entirely player-driven economy mode, the players can build their dream by gathering up various resources. And Gold is one of the necessary conditions for all getting started players, as long as you purchase a pack with any gold, you are allowed to have access to the game with no extra mandatory fees, but Albion Online Silver is the unified and traded currency in the game, which can be used to exchange much Gold.

Buy Albion Online Silver on Gamems

On Albion Online, nearly all of your equipment and weapons can be exchanged with resources, and you can customize the clothing and appearance for your character, as a result of you have to complete the challenges even jump into dangerous areas to collect resources, undoubtedly, you will waste more time by doing so than buying Albion Silver directly.

Gamems is a reliable marketplace because we have worked in game service for several years and well received by our consumers. On this site, we sell a variety of virtual currency and equipment among MMORPGs and ball games.

No complaints, our goal is to provide the excellent service to you, since we have satisfying-full inventory and stable suppliers, it will never happen that raising the price to get the huger benefit.
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Albion Online: Season 10 Brings Incredible Rewards

The tenth season of Albion Online is coming soon, and it will start on August 29. Guilds that reach a high enough rank during the season can get fantastic rewards, including avatar, avatar ring, and the fearsome new Goliath Horseeater mount.MountThe Goliath Horseeater strikes fears into the hearts of other battle mounts with its powerful web, which can render them completely unable to move. It also has AoE root and poison to slow down and weaken the enemy's power. This mount will be awarded to guilds who reach Silver Rank or higher in season 10, with increasingly higher stats and increasingly epic appearance with each successive tier.The winning guild will get a statue of the past Guild Season winners in Conqueror's Hall, because the Queen's update can be accessed through all major cities, and Qualifying guilds will also receive a Fame Bonus and furniture items.Roads of AvalonThe Avalon Rise update released on August 12 brought many new features to the Albion world. Roads of Avalon is a constantly changing road network accessed via the open world that allows guilds to place Hideouts away from the politics of the Outlands. Avalon lacks territories that give Season Points, but guilds can still choose to compete in other ways from an Avalon-based Hideout.New WeaponsIn addition, with the launch of Rise of Avalon, 15 new Avalonian Weapons will have a profound impact on small- and large-scale battles and will update the combat meta for both open-world territory battles and the 5V5 combat of the Crystal League.With a series of new weapons, I believe there will be new challenges, and perhaps different degrees of difficulty for players. If you want to successfully pass a series of tasks, the easiest way is to go to GAMEMS to buy Albion Online Silver. You can use Albion Online Silver to buy the equipment or weapons you want, which can help your character improve and become stronger.

Albion Online "Queen" to Update Eighth on January 20

The Queen's Update will completely transform Albion Online, a distant continent. Five major improvements are planned in this direction: new maps of distant lands, the possibility of establishing guilds there, new territorial control methods, and improved Crystal Kingdom 5v5 battles that give you the ability to own territory Participation platform, and Debuffs Zerg and Smart Cluster Queue systems can also participate. Additions listed on the official game page.Despite many other features in the next update, the Far Lands redesign is at the core of our vision to provide players with a true hardcore sandbox experience.The Queen also formed a new faction, the former Avalons, to restore their land. You can fight them from the new elite random dungeon. You will also have the opportunity to find the fragments of Avalon. Besides, your wardrobe, the charming stone has a unique look, and various improvements, including new cursors and keyboard shortcuts.Albion Online is a fantasy MMORPG that, like Sandbox Interactive, offers unlimited battle systems and PvP battles in an open world. In particular, you can form alliances, build villages, and build various items and provides players with virtual currency for various games, of course, including Albion Online Silver. More and more players choose to buy game products on GameMS not only because of its preferential prices but also because of the professional service attitude and attention to the player. Welcome to join our GameMS family!

Albion Online showcases new threats in the latest report from outside domains

Players who like massively multiplayer online RPG games should be familiar with Albion Online, a game that can be accessed on PC, iOS, and Android. In the game, players can create the ideal world directly.So you can put yourself in the fascinating and difficult truth, where you can face different players! For players who are busier in reality, having more Albion Online Silver allows you to get more with less in the game.Albion Online has encountered new threats in its latest Outer Domain Report. The first, known as the "Avalon Attack Drone", was described as a floating ball driven by "strange magic.""It sent out some sort of concentrated energy that bumped my tail to the top and caused me to fly back to the bushes. In a daze, I looked up enough to see Jim raise his axe-this thing rushed at him, too Bring him down. I brainstormed, took my sword, and ran back to the open space."The next is called Avalon Spearmen. This guy is a cloaked hooded enemy waving a huge spear. The accompanying report describes the encounter."I forgot how many great giant sword-wielding giants I killed that day. When the sun rose blood-red on the horizon, the last one fell, this land belongs to us. The second day we fought for battle, Embark on organizing hard-won territory. "Buy Albion Online Silver on GameMS, complete the transaction within ten minutes, and we guarantee after-sales service and provide 24x7 online services.

Albion Online Trailer: Avalonian Invasion Begins

Sandbox Interactive today launched a new event in its sandbox MMO Albion Online. The event, called "Avalon Invasion," will bring the Avalon faction into the game. This is not a playable faction, but one player will meet his opponent in the foreign domain. It seems that the new faction has a unique energy, and players can harvest the energy used to upgrade various items after defeating them. It can also be used to create new mounts - Avalon Basilisk.Players want to experience the fun of Avalonian Invasion, and more Albion Online Silver can enhance your combat power. Don't forget your chips!Avalon people arrive in a distant land to fight. This ancient command has long since disappeared. It wants to take back its former possessions and will realize it at all costs. Thanks to their energy in the depths of the earth, their crossing may have a major impact on the Kingdom of Albion. In this new season, the battle may be even harder, and in the past few days, the game is expected to bring many new players to Albion Online.The update also adds a new way for players to earn season points - killing Avalon Mage World boss. However, this is not easy. These bosses use a lot of beam attacks to cause amazing damage. Of course, if you manage to write them down and earn these points, new enemies, new food, new tools, new rewards. Then there will be new rewards. These lists are available on the Albion Online website.If you want to know more about Albion Online's game information, you pay attention to my website GameMS, where GameMS provides players with plenty of Albion Online Silver, Taking Too Long May Make You Miss The Discount, Our 24-Hour Customer Service Is Working For Helping You Every Day, Welcome To Consult Us.