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Albion Online Items

  • Mount

  • Artifact(Tier 8.3 Masterpiece)

  • Armor(Tier 8.3 Masterpiece)

  • Battle Mount

  • Rare Mount

  • Magic

  • Melee

  • Offhand

  • Cloth

  • Leather

  • Plate


  • Elder's Command Mammoth

    Elder's Command Mammoth

  • Flame Basilisk

    Flame Basilisk

  • Venom Basilisk

    Venom Basilisk

  • Siege Ballista

    Siege Ballista

  • Crystal Battle Rhino

    Crystal Battle Rhino

  • Crystal Tower Chariot

    Crystal Tower Chariot

  • Crystal Battle Eagle

    Crystal Battle Eagle

  • Crystal Colossus Beetle

    Crystal Colossus Beetle

  • Crystal Behemoth

    Crystal Behemoth

  • Crystal Ancient Ent

    Crystal Ancient Ent

  • Crystal Goliath Horseeater

    Crystal Goliath Horseeater

  • Crystal Roving Bastion

    Crystal Roving Bastion

  • Crystal Juggernaut

    Crystal Juggernaut


  • Albion Online rolls out The Rite of Spring patch

    Albion Online rolls out The Rite of Spring patch

    Albion's spring has come quietly. To celebrate the beautiful spring, Albion Online has opened a two-week special event: The Rite of Spring, which officially started on April 12th. Players can find more treasures and get multiple rewards from that.

    During the event, players can find easter eggs and treasure chests hidden all over the world, and exchange gold coins for various Items. At the same time, all kinds of treasure chests in the open world of Albion will also be refreshed at high frequency, and players will get a lot of treasures on the way to explore.

    The Rite of Spring has also launched new spring chests, players can find them on the open-world map and get special items quickly after the chest is generated for three minutes.

    The most anticipated is that Albion will release a cute and mysterious new creature as a new mount, that is the Spring Cottontail. Players can raise or ride it as long as they find it in Albion's open world. Using it does not require the Destiny Board unlocks, and Spring Cottontail is allowed to trade in all growth stages, which means that if you don't find your Spring Cottontail during the event, you can choose to buy it.

    Updates to Albion Online always bring new surprises to players! If you also want a better start in The Rite of Spring, GAMEMS will provide you with cheap Albion Online products such as cheap Albion Online Silver.

    You can stay tuned to GAMEMS for more news.

    Apr 13, 2022

  • Albion Online: Season 10 Brings Incredible Rewards

    Albion Online: Season 10 Brings Incredible Rewards

    The tenth season of Albion Online is coming soon, and it will start on August 29. Guilds that reach a high enough rank during the season can get fantastic rewards, including avatar, avatar ring, and the fearsome new Goliath Horseeater mount.


    The Goliath Horseeater strikes fears into the hearts of other battle mounts with its powerful web, which can render them completely unable to move. It also has AoE root and poison to slow down and weaken the enemy's power. This mount will be awarded to guilds who reach Silver Rank or higher in season 10, with increasingly higher stats and increasingly epic appearance with each successive tier.

    The winning guild will get a statue of the past Guild Season winners in Conqueror's Hall, because the Queen's update can be accessed through all major cities, and Qualifying guilds will also receive a Fame Bonus and furniture items.

    Roads of Avalon

    The Avalon Rise update released on August 12 brought many new features to the Albion world. Roads of Avalon is a constantly changing road network accessed via the open world that allows guilds to place Hideouts away from the politics of the Outlands. Avalon lacks territories that give Season Points, but guilds can still choose to compete in other ways from an Avalon-based Hideout.

    New Weapons

    In addition, with the launch of Rise of Avalon, 15 new Avalonian Weapons will have a profound impact on small- and large-scale battles and will update the combat meta for both open-world territory battles and the 5V5 combat of the Crystal League.

    With a series of new weapons, I believe there will be new challenges, and perhaps different degrees of difficulty for players. If you want to successfully pass a series of tasks, the easiest way is to go to GAMEMS to buy Albion Online Silver. You can use Albion Online Silver to buy the equipment or weapons you want, which can help your character improve and become stronger.

    Aug 19, 2020




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