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  • Madden 22: TOTW 12 Players Have Been Revealed

    Madden 22: TOTW 12 Players Have Been Revealed

    Madden 22 will release a new "Team of the Week" every week. These include many NFL star players in the past and present. Now that it has entered Week 12, several teams have begun to compete for playoffs spots because they have reached the home stretch.

    Madden 22 TOTW 12

    After experiencing the wonderful football of last weekend, it's time for Team of the Week. Coming in the hot Madden 22 TOTW 12 player cards is the new Patrick Surtain POTW item. In the game against the Chargers last Sunday, Surtain recorded 5 tackles and 2 interceptions with a TD for the Broncos. In the highly competitive AFC, Denver won 28-13 and moved to 6-5.

    His new player of the week card will be a 94 OVR with Man to Man Archetype. It includes:

    * 95 Jumping

    * 94 Man Coverage

    * 94 Acceleration

    * 93 Zone Coverage

    * 93 Agility

    * 93 Speed

    This limited-availability card pack for this week is Jason Pierre Paul, who won a 95 OVR Speed Rusher archetype. He has:

    * 95 Finesse Moves

    * 95 Play Recognition

    * 94 Acceleration

    * 91 Strength

    * 89 Speed

    Player items for offensive and defensive Hero players will also be displayed.

    Which other players are in TOTW?

    GAMEMS predicts Leonard Fournette will become the player of the Week. So in terms of offense, it would be unexpected if Tampa Bay’s back does not get a Madden 22 TOTW 12 item. Because he helped the Bucks beat the Colts with 38-31, his 100-yards rushing, 31 yards receiving, and 4 TDs, so this is impressive.

    Players to consider in terms of offensive performance include rookie receivers Jaylen Waddle and Tee Higgins. Together with Fournette, Elijah Mitchell has performed well on the ground. On defense, we look forward to seeing Ronnie Harrison and Shaq Barrett.

    The remaining items will appear in the Madden Ultimate Team in the form of cards or be obtained at the Auction House. As long as you have enough Madden 22 Coins, getting the card you want is kinda easy.

    Nov 30, 2021

  • NBA 2K22: When Will NBA 2K22 Season 3 Start?

    NBA 2K22: When Will NBA 2K22 Season 3 Start?

    Before the game's first release, 2K stated that NBA 2K22 will continue to receive updates and seasonal content every one to two months to keep the game fresh and allow you to get rewards from playing MyCareer, MyTeam, or The W Online at no additional cost. So GAMEMS know about when Season 3 will start on Current-gen and Next-gen.

    When will NBA 2K22 Season 3 Start?

    NBA 2K22 Season 3 will start on December 3 and will last at least 6 weeks. Upgrading will give you more rewards. These rewards will be refreshed every 6 weeks at the beginning of the new season. All year long, Seasons will provide you with fresh content.

    NBA 2K22 Season 2: Build Your Empire started on October 22 and is expected to end on Friday, which is December 3. As such, we expect that Season 3 will be available on Friday, December 3, and end on Friday, January 14, 2022.

    Although it is not clear what content will be released in the Season 3 update later this month, it is expected that the new content will be similar to the current content, including a new level 40 reward, name banners, transportation methods, cards, packs, etc.

    Regarding the name and theme of Season 3, our best guess is that it will revolve around the holidays, especially during this time there will be Christmas and New Year celebrations. The official details on this, as well as the exact release time of Season 3, will be announced in the next few days.

    You can come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT to be fully prepared for the upcoming new content, come to GAMEMS to buy NBA 2K22 MT now with the code "Thanks", you will enjoy 6% off.

    Nov 29, 2021


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