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  • NBA 2K22: How To Get All MyTeam Starter Cards? Which Card Is The Best?

    NBA 2K22: How To Get All MyTeam Starter Cards? Which Card Is The Best?

    NBA 2K22 will allow gamers to get an Emerald Player Card in the form of a Starter Card. These starter cards are also evolution cards, so you can upgrade from their 80 OVR to Sapphire 85 OVR, and finally to Ruby 88 OVR. Some gamers spend too much thought on the starter card, but it seems unnecessary, because in any case, you can finally get all 5 NBA 2K22 starter cards. For specific details, you can refer to the following steps.

    How to get all 5 Starter Cards?

    * Evolve your current NBA 2K22 starter card to Sapphire 85 OVR, and accumulate 6 points in different games.

    * Head to MyTeam - Player Evolution

    * Find your Starter Card, and choose a path of Evolution

    * Evolve your card to Ruby 88 OVR by completing the listed tasks

    * Evolve your Starter to Ruby 88 OVR

    Once you successfully evolve your card to Ruby 88 OVR, a lifetime Agenda is complete. You can choose one from the remaining Starter cards, rinse and repeat the above steps until you get all 5 MyTeam Starter Cards.

    Which is the best Starter Card?

    Among the 5 cards, you also need to choose carefully, because there is always a gap between them, the best card is always sought after, so GAMEMS estimated their order:

    1. Jayson Tatum

    2. Donovan Mitchell

    3. Dion Williamson

    4. Trae Young

    5. Nikola Jokic

    Jayson Tatum is always able to perform well in the game.

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    Sep 22, 2021

  • NBA 2K22: How To Get The Gym Rat Badge?

    NBA 2K22: How To Get The Gym Rat Badge?

    In NBA 2K22, when a player is equipped with Gym Rat Badge, his stats will be increased. Gym Rat Badge can permanently improve the stats of players and they do not require training. Like other badges, Gym Rat Badge plays an important role in NBA 2K22. If you want to improve the attributes of players without the badge, you need to develop a strict training plan for them.

    The Gym Rat badge is one of the many badges of NBA 2K22. The process of obtaining the Gym Rat badge is different in the previous generation and current-gen systems. The previous generation of players may have encountered some difficulties in obtaining the Gym Rat badge, but once they have obtained it, they will feel that it is worth the effort.

    The previous generation system of NBA 2K22 lacks some of the functions included in the current system. To unlock the Gym Rat Badge, the previous generation of gamers need to win the NBA championship. Just like the return to the auction house function in NBA 2K22, you need to complete this task through career mode. After getting the position of the team starter, you can simulate the game instead of manually each game, which can save you time. GAMEMS will show you more specific steps.

    How to get the Gym Rat Badge?

    The new generation of NBA 2K22 provides some new features, including exploring an open city and completing city quests. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S provide a quest called "Gym Rat". In the quest, you need to visit Gatorade Gym regularly and complete the quest by completing 50 three-star workouts. Since the amount of workouts completed in a week is limited, it is easier to complete the badge in NBA 2K22 than to unlock the Gym Rat Badge.

    However, the standard gym restricts gamers from completing up to 5 different workouts per week, so if you want to complete the Gym Rat Badge quest in less than 10 weeks of training. This is where the Gatorade Sports Science Institution of NBA 2K22 becomes a valuable asset, because the workouts there do not count towards the five-week limit.

    This is about getting the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K22. Soon after NBA 2K22 is released, new gamers may still be in the groping stage, so GAMEMS tries its best to provide players with game guidance so that they can master the game mechanics more quickly. In addition, GAMEMS also provides currency resources in the game, NBA 2K22 MT, as long as you need, you can come here to buy NBA 2K22 MT anytime, because our staff is online 24/7.

    Sep 19, 2021


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