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Three NBA 2K21 Cover Athletes: Zion Williamson, Damian Lillard And Kobe Bryant

Through NBA 2K21 reveal event on July 2, fans saw three athletes appearing on the cover of three different editions, they are respectively, Damian Lillard for the current-gen PS4 and Xbox One, Zion Williamson for the next-gen consoles, and Kobe Bryant for Mamba Forever edition.The Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard was the first cover athlete to announce, who has once been selected to NBA All-Star five times and NBA Rookie of the Year in 2013, the cover athlete of NBA 2K Online 2 in China. For him, it is an honor to appear on the cover of NBA 2K21, and as an avid 2K player, he can't wait to experience the game with much excitement.Pelicans star Zion Williamson would appear in NBA 2K21 PS5 and Xbox Series X edition, who has missed the 45 games in 2019-20 season due to a torn right lateral meniscus, and after his return, he performed as good as ever with averaging 23.6 points, 58.9% shooting per game, as well as pulling down 6.8 rebounds.The Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant is the favorite one, who passed away in January 2020 by a helicopter accident. Fans wanted to commemorate him in a special way, using the cover athlete of NBA 2K21 as his last appearance, 2K Games indeed listened.It was announced that Kobe Bryant will serve as the third and final cover athlete of NBA 2K21 with the "Mamba Forever"edition, featured on two separate covers in two generations of consoles.The Mamba Forever will allow players who have bought the edition with $99.99 access to the current and next-generation systems on PlayStation or Xbox. NBA 2K21 will launch worldwide on PlayStation4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC and Google Stadia, and they will release multiple versions at different periods.The in-game virtual currency, NBA 2K21 MT still has huge uses just like the previous versions, which can give your characters or teams a boost, obtained or spent through various games.When NBA 2K21 is released, GameMS will sell virtual currency on different platforms, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch to meet the users' need. If you have ever bought from the site, it is absolute that you can trust it completely, because it will consider the rights and interests of each consumer and provide a reasonable trading method.What's more, the store will often give away coupons, so that you can buy cheap NBA 2K21 MT to play the game better.

Cam Newton’s First Look In Patriots Uniform Of Madden NFL 21 Revealed

We already know that Madden 21 will come in a few months on PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X, and we can also gradually learn more details from the news released by EA. In a recent official trailer for Madden 21 on Twitter, it showed how Cam Newton was in his full Patriots gear, who has just signed with the New England Patriots.Through the video, fans responded and looked forward to the release of Madden NFL 21 with excitement, and what Newton will look like in his new uniform.Madden 21 won't come until August 25, which has not been caused any delay by the coronavirus pandemic.Due to the limited content in the video, we could not see the performance of Cam Newton in Madden 21, but this did cause a hot topic to discuss among the fans, they can't wait to know how the signing will play out for New England this year.As always, Madden 21 will get improved a lot to gameplay based on the previous to make the game more real. In the short video, Cam Newton wore the No.1 jersey and made his signature move: he walked toward the camera and pretended to rip open his jersey to reveal the Superman logo underneath.This is worth being expected that Newton's performance in Madden 21, who missed the majority of the 2019 season due to a Lisfranc injury, and in the nine seasons with the Carolina Panthers, who was a successful quarterback and reached high scores.We will not wait too long for Madden 21, when it is released, you will soon be able to compete with opponents from all over the world and release your strength.In Madden 21, in order to get player cards like Cam Newton, you need MUT 21 Coins to enhance the competitiveness of characters and teams, especially in various games.When dealing with merchants, the first point to consider is the price, followed by security. It has been well done at these two points on GameMS.com, where all the goods are done completely by real men and sell with lower price than the market. Because it is a sufficiently professional third-market operator, selling virtual currency and equipment related to video games.As far as I am concerned, it is a good place to buy Madden 21 coins, as its delivery time is no more than 30 minutes, which won't make you wait too long, accompanied by friendly service.

Anthony Davis Confirmed That There Are Three Cover Athletes In NBA 2K21

Through the latest news about NBA 2K21, 2K Games will announce three different cover athletes for NBA 2K21 on June 30, July 1 and July 2. Besides, there are more details about NBA 2K21 will be announced in the next few days.In the past video, Zion Williamson once appeared as a featured character to promote the upcoming release of NBA 2K21, so there is speculation that he will be on the cover of NBA 2K21.Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis, who was featured the cover athlete of NBA 2K20, first  revealed the three new cover athletes for NBA 2K21 through a TikTok video by NBA 2K, it seems to imply that there will be three different editions of NBA 2K21.In addition to Zion Williamson, Kobe Bryant has also received popular belief to be one of the selections, who died in a helicopter accident in early 2020, in order to commemorate his career, fans wanted to see the hero for the last time on the cover of NBA 2K21.Williamson, Kobe, who will be the next cover athlete of NBA 2K21? This is still a mystery, waiting to be announced next week.More than a month ago, there was already a free upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox Series X, and then, a few weeks ago, Sony showed off the PS5 edition of NBA 2K21, revealing that the game will develop to more platforms, so this is also reasonable that it has more than one cover athlete.By the way, 2K Games will use a new social media method to publish all the content of NBA 2K21, that is, all fans can only view them online through the game's TikTok channel.When NBA 2K21 is released, you can get the in-game virtual currency through various games, NBA 2K21 MT to expand the lineup or enhance the competitiveness and strength of the characters. Or when you have a huge demand for NBA 2K21 MT, the best solution is to buy from a reliable store, such as GameMS.com, which is a store specializing in virtual currency and equipment for video games. It has treated countless consumers over the years and has experienced providing the best products and services for each.Now NBA 2K20 MT is still on hot sale on the site, you can still enjoy 5% off when using "2K20" as code, and when 2K21 is released, it will still give away some coupons to save you more.

EA Revealed Madden NFL 21 First Gameplay Trailer Features

We knew nothing about Madden 21, except that it was set to be released on August 28, but the MVP Edition is released three days early on August 25. Then, EA released a trailer, providing a deeper perspective for players to understand the gameplay on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, accompanied by a series of new features, refinements and improvements.The trailer mainly shows the game's new features, according to EA, it has made the innovative changes to the game on both sides of the ball including updated and more elastic pass-rush mechanics. That is, it emphasizes both attack and defense in Madden 21. The following are the main features in the gameplay trailer.Pass-rush controlsEA will give players more control over pass rushing moves, controlling all movements of characters in the game better and providing game effects or game depth.Ball carrier skill stickIn Madden NFL 21, it added two new moves, the side hurdle and dead leg. This is to better match the skills of cover athlete Lamar Jackson, and also to allow players to move better on the court.Open-field tacklingin order to improve defense, Madden 21 will slow defenders down a bit and give them more control to move, giving them more chance to stop the ball, but which won't override the talent of the offensive player or mismatches.These are just some of the main features, and in Madden 21, it will make huge changes in the game modes, such as visual effects, loading time, etc.Madden NFL 21 will be released on PS4 and Xbox One first, when coming to PS5 and Xbox  Series X, there will be a free upgrade for players to get the new versions.Madden 21 Coins can make your team stronger, whether you like to fight alone or as a team, it is necessary to expand your lineup. GameMS is a professional in-game virtual currency and equipment provider that can provide consumers with cheap and safe goods anytime, anywhere. When trading online, players are most worried about the delivery time, with this in mind, all customer service on the site is online 24 hours every day, who will answer every visitor's question friendly and complete rapid delivery within 30 minutes, this doesn't take up too much of your game time.This is a good place to buy MUT 21 Coins, and it will provide all customers with various coupons, so why not try it?